About us

In Tokyo we are not considered a Japanese advertising agency. Nor are we an American one. 

We are a hybrid.

A blend of Japanese, Korean and foreigner insight and talent. 

Through this collision of cultures we can get to work that has deep meaning, relevance and resonance that goes beyond just advertising.

In our past we have made products, had a record label, directed and produced music videos, designed packaging, created products, launched international brands for the first time, as well as relaunched domestic brands, giving brands meaning in Japan and Korea.

Independence is Everything

We are the world’s leading independent creative network. 

Independence keeps things simple: we don’t answer to a holding company and we don’t have to worry about shareholders.

Independence allows us to focus on what really matters:

  • Work that impacts culture.
  • Work that adds real value, drives bigger business return.
  • Work that makes your brand famous.

Independence also helps us to attract and retain the world’s best talent.

Our current clients included:

  • Nike
  • Oronine
  • Audi
  • JR East
  • ABInbev
  • Japan Karate Federation
  • IKEA
  • Body Mainte
  • Supercell
  • Beautiful People
  • Netflix
  • h+h


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Tokyo, Japan 153-0051
P. +81 3 5459 2800
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